Music and sounds from Nature Connection available to download

Music and sounds from the Nature Connection soundbath I gave in May 2021 are now available as a pay-what-you-like download from my Bandcamp page (this includes nothing – just be sure to enter “0” at the checkout stage.

Although it doesn’t feature the readings or the gong from the live event I hope you can use this to practice deep listening, meditate to or simply relax/fall asleep to.

Track listing:

0:00 – 05:40 This was the pattern of my days

05:40 – 06:23 There is pleasure in the pathless words

06:24 Р10:32 How surely gravity’s law

10:33 – 11:44 I circle around the waterfall

11:45 – 12:55 The dawn

12:56 – 16:28 Soft, reflective mooing sounds

16:29 – 20:16 Take a walk at night

20:17 – 22:05 I believe I now understand in some small measure

22:06 – 25:21 The valley is a moody mistress

25:22 – 31:04 I found I was really going in